Escuela y Colegio de Nuevos Horizontes del Sur (The School of New Southern Horizons) is a small school in Quito, Ecuador that aims to create well rounded individuals that value love, respect, responsibility and education. Our students are first taught to respect their minds and their fellow man. Our students strive to keep only goodness in their hearts, otherwise their education will be wasted.



We offer a place for underprivileged students to receive a holistic educational experience. Explore our videos in the gallery to find our more about our students and teachers and why education is so important in Quito.



Like the rest of Quito, our school is filled with bright colors and mountainous vistas. Our school is a colorful, supportive haven for our students to reach their full potential. We started with only one classroom, but we’ve grown into a community. Experience what life at the school is like by taking a tour of our videos and photos.



Escuela y Colegio Nuevos Horizontes del Sur has a rich history in Quito. After more than 10 years, our school has grown in many ways and struggled in others. Our educational philosophy differs from the government schools, because we aim to provide a personalized educational experience for each student. Click here to find out more about our founding, our history and our mission.



Education is a resource that we hope each of our students gains before they graduate. To provide an education, our school needs more than pencils and notebooks. Help us accomplish our mission of creating students of kind hearts and sound minds. Find out the different ways you can contribute to Escuela y Colegio Nuevos Horizontes del Sur.

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